Dear Friends,

Welcome at the website of the Faculty of Architecture at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME)!


Firstly, please let me to introduce our activity. Our Faculty offers comprehensive education in Architecture in many kinds of courses for getting diploma and after you have it. Besides Design, our students can also become immersed in field of Urbanism, Building Constructions, Structures, Plumbing, History of Architecture and Construction Management. This diversity of architectural education is unique in Europe.


Our Faculty almost 150 years stands for high-quality in Hungary, as well as in international environment, and our aim is continuously improve it by up-to- date changes related to Architecture. Nowadays we particularly deal with Sustainable Architecture and social influence in Building Design. Besides hundreds of historic monuments, there are a lot of developments in the country, especially in the capital, and most of them is being discussed on lessons from architectural aspect.


We have several international contacts in researches, education and trainee programs, but we would like to enlarge our collaborational network all over the world, towards widespread perspective. By these we would like to keep and produce our remarked position in our students, academic environment and the labour market.


We are proud of our successes in international competitions, like Odooproject which placed 6 th in the side of Solar Decathlon Europe 2012. The students-designed building now can be studied in the campus of BME. There are also many remarkable innovations by our teachers, such as ‘Gömböc’ (he first-known homogeneous, convex object to have just one stable and one unstable point of equilibrium) and the revelation which proved that there was river on Mars, based on mathematical calculations of pebbles abrasion.


Our students like us not for the quality, but also for the good localisation. Budapest has a wide range of amusements and relaxing opportunities for people who are living there.


I hope that you join us to learn the newest techniques, discover the Hungarian community and building industry, and top of it all acquaint our cultural characteristics to each other. If you are a current student, you know that we are glad to being here, and we try to do everything for our students enjoy studies in BME.


Best wishes for a successful year!



Csaba Molnár DLA



Departments of the Faculty of Architecture, BME are involved in high variety or research projects related to historical, social, theoretical and scientific aspects of architecture and building construction. On one hand, the distinguished historical and contemporary architecture of Budapest provides a perfect background for many of these research activities. On the other hand, being a Faculty of an university devoted to cutting edge engineering research provides a perfect environment for intense exploration even at frontiers of architecture.


The most research activities are carried out and organized in the graduate schools of the Faculty. Many of our colleagues are involved in international research projects or take part in design competition worldwide. Actual projects are available at the relevant pages of the departments and the graduate schools.


In the Faculty of Architecture will be held a very interesting course called Interdisciplinary, Project based Design S. Please read toward for details.


Graduation ceremony will be held on 2nd February 2017. from 11:00 in BME, building K, 1st floor, assemly hall (Díszterem).



The registration process for Comprehensive Design I. (Complex Design I.) is as follows.




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