Dear Friends,


Welcome to the Faculty of Architecture's website at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME)!


Firstly, please let me introduce our core activity. Our Faculty offers a comprehensive and diverse Architectural education at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Besides Design, our students can also immerse themselves in the fields of Urbanism, Building Construction, Structural Engineering, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, History of Architecture and Construction Management. This diversity of architectural education is unique in Europe.


Our Faculty has been training outstanding professionals for almost 150 years; resulting in academic qualifications that stand for a high-quality in Hungary, as well as in international environment. Our aim is to continuously improve our knowledge assets and update our courses based on the latest innovations in Architecture. Nowadays we put particular emphasis on Sustainable Architecture and the social influence of Building Design. Besides hundreds of historic monuments, there are a lot of developments in this country, especially in the capital, most of them are being discussed in lessons from the architectural aspect.


We already have several international contacts in research, education and vocational training programs, but we continue to broaden our collaborational network worldwide, to maintain our position in the labour market,  further raise our prestige and promote our institution to the international academic community.


We are proud of our successes in international student competitions, for example the Odooproject which finished in sixth place at the Solar Decathlon Europe 2012. The building designed for the competition is now exhibited on campus at BME. There are also many remarkable innovations by our teachers, such as ‘Gömböc’ (the first-known homogeneous, convex object that has only a single stable and a single unstable point of equilibrium) and the scientific research which proved there used to be rivers on Mars, based upon mathematical calculations of pebble abrasion.


Our students enjoy studying here not only for the quality of courses, but also for the fantastic location. Budapest offers a wide range of leisure and cultural activities and is well known for its diversity of cultural events.


I hope that you join us to broaden your knowledge in the field of architecture, discover innovations in the construction industry, join the Hungarian community and above all, to share experiences about eachother’s culture and make new friends. We do everything we can to help our current and future students to make the most of their stay with us and enjoy their studies at BME.


Best wishes for a successful year!


Csaba Molnár DLA