Interdisciplinary, Project based Design info


Neptun code: BMEEPTCEP01

Name of the course: Interdisciplinary, Project based Design

Course's head: Nemes Gábor

Major: Master Program in Architectural Engineering (5 year integrated)

Weekly hours: 16

Credit: 16

Department: Department of Construction Technology and Management

Mandatoriness: Elective

Course type: practice

Requirement for credit: term mark


The course Project Design is run by 4-4 departments. Students’ work will be accompanied by consultants of both departments.

Progress throughout the semester
The course will be held in a workshop style. Students’ work will be accompanied by consultants of both departments. Students will have to complete their tasks in groups.
The seminars not only provide space to collective consultations and presentations but also contain the consultant’s phase-specific presentations which shall improve the development of the work.
Thus in the beginning of the course students will get familiar with the tasks and the site in form of presentations and site visits. They also get acquainted with examples, possible structural systems, technologies and possible solutions.
The development/progress of their projects will be presented weekly by the students in form of open presentations during the seminars. These presentations will be immediately evaluated by the consultants who will discuss the work in public. As the design process goes on at the presentations students have to document the architectural and technical interpretation of at least one example, the characteristics of the designed site and the architectural appearance of the building.

Monday - Thursday

Project template 1

Project template 2

Tuesday - Friday

Project template 1

Project template 2