Modern Nomad - Water and Shadow - Vol. 2


A workshop from the Taiwanese Feng Chia university. It's the second time it's going to be held this year. The first workshop was between Tokyo University and Torino Politecnico was involved. This year it's BME and the Vienna Technische Universität Wien that is going to be involved.

The workshop consists of two rounds. The first one (planning) will be in Vienna between October 3-7, the second one (concept building) will be Taichung between January 23-27. Students have to attend both rounds of the workshop.

This year's workshop will be about minimalist living space creation, using bamboo and water. The concept design can be done with traditional techniques but parametric design tools such as Rhino, Grashopper and Python are also allowed, with the help of experienced professors.

Here are some pictures from the last workshop if you're interested.

Students will have to cover the travel costs themselves, but Dr. Nemes Gábor, vice-dean for educational and international affairs will try and get help for 2-3 students for the Taiwan round.

If you are interested e-mail Portschy Szabolcs for details.


József Gézárt