Report of Opening ceremony 2016


On 29th September was the Opening ceremony. In this year more than 250 students from almost 50 countries started to study in Engineering Program in English at BME.

Firstly, Dr. Károly Veszprémy, vice-rector kept his inaugural. He welcomed new and old students and he emphasised that lecturers in BME angle to insure high-level education for students from the begginings (1782). After that, Magdolna H. Pálinkás, assistant lecturer (Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences, Center of Modern Languages) read ahead the oath of students. Then, Georg Jürgen Tepfenhart, MSc student in Mechanical Engineering and next, Farkas Dániel, first-year student from the same faculty, in the name of undergraduates, kept a speech to the fresh students.

Afterwards, Dr. Gábor Nemes, associate professor, vice-dean for education and foreign affairs (Faculty of Architecture) recalled story of the „In Memoriam Charles Polónyi Foundation” and favoured Professor Plonyi's life-work.  The Foundation, established in 2004, try to attract attention for the importance of architectural education in every year. The winner gets a scorlarship for one year for the course he/she registrated.

English course at Faculty of Architecture BME was founded by Károly (Charles) Polónyi in 1984. He was a decisive person of complex professional, pedagogical and diplomatic activity that based on the extensive international relationship system of the university.

Károly (Charles) Polónyi was born in 1928 and studied during the immediate post-war years at the Technical University of Budapest as an architect and became involved in the post-war reconstruction of Budapest and the resettlement of flood-damaged villages in the countryside. He attended the CIAM Congress in Otterlo, 1959, and was in regular exchange with members of Team 10. From 1963 to 1969, Polónyi moved to Ghana to work for the Ghana National Construction Corporation. He was appointed Professor of the architectural school of the Kumasi University of Science and Technology and published on the educational, research and design work in Le carré bleu and other journals. From 1969 onwards, Polónyi was in charge of a large Hungarian-Nigerian team commissioned with planning Calabar, the new capital of Nigeria's South-Eastern state, before returning to Hungary in 1969. Working on the periphery of socialism and capitalism, in countries in transition, he refused to view colonisation merely as a victimising process and noticed the dangers of destructive tendencies operating under the surface to control the post-colonial as well as the post-socialist periphery. Moving constantly between Africa and Hungary, he frequently reflected on the historical, aesthetical, political and ethical questions of ‘peripheral’ culture.

In this year, there were two awarded, who split the prize: Aryan Choroomi and Mahnaz Valizadeh Farid. The eponymus's widow, Mrs. Anikó Polónyi inaugurated certificates of the foundation for the winners. Aryan Choroomi expressed their thanks for Mrs. Polónyi and for the Faculty.

The ceremony was closed by György Ádám Horváth, assistant lecturer (Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences), the chairperson's speech. He quoted Stephen Hawking: 'Remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious. And however difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at. It matters that you don't just give up.'

Pictures of the ceremony are avaiable here.


We welcome every fresh students at the Faculty of Architecture!